Help make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Be a partner in our fight against extreme poverty through Health, Education, and vital Resources in our Empower HER Program.

HER For Humanity

Why Health, Education, and Resources (HER)?

“As long as poverty, injustice, and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest”- Nelson Mandela



Haiti only has1.3 doctors per 10,000 people.


2 Million

Over 2 million children in Haiti currently, are not receiving any formal education.



More than half of the population in Haiti lives in poverty.

Children who receive an education are more likely to grow up healthy, financially stable, and capable of contributing to their community’s  development. Education can provide children with the skills they need to improve their lives and the lives of their families, ultimately leading to a brighter future for Haiti.

Give Hope to Those Who
Need It Most

Every little bit counts.

Become an ImpactHER

Health. Education. Resources.

ImpactHER members are monthly donors who are committed to supporting sustainable development. Together with ImpactHER members, we can transform lives of over 10,000 people.

A $20 monthly donation allows 2 children to attend school every year.

100% of your donation empowers a community

Fundraise for Education

Help spread awareness and raise funds for sustainable development

Sponsor a Project

Transform an entire community, school, or health clinic with a gift of $5,000 or more. 

Uplifting a Community Facing Socio-Economic Challenges

HER Chronicles: Journeys of Progress and Empowerment.

The “EmpowerHER” project is of paramount importance in Milot, Haiti, given the profound socio-economic challenges that define the community.


COVID Relief Project

With very weak healthcare infrastructure in Haiti, one of our priorities is preventing and protecting people from disease and harm. 


STEAMing Through Summer Camp

Amazing discoveries and fun take place through project based learning. 


Professional Development by P4H Global

Getting quality education is vital in breaking the cycle of poverty. 

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