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Every donation to “Her for Humanity” brings us one step closer to providing education, support, and hope to the children of Milot, Haiti. Your contribution can change lives, offering the gift of education and a brighter future. Your generosity enables us to keep the school doors open, feed hungry minds, and create lasting change in the community.

At “Her for Humanity,” we follow a comprehensive approach to create meaningful change in Milot, Haiti. we are breaking the cycle of poverty, empowering the community, and fostering sustainable development. Your support plays a vital role in every step of this journey.

How Your Support Creates Impact

How It Works?

Save the School

We start by ensuring that the school remains open, providing immediate supplies, and covering tuition fees. This guarantees access to quality education for the children in Milot.

Develop the Infrastructure

We partner with organizations to enhance the school’s infrastructure, upgrade facilities, provide professional development for staff, and offer literacy and free lunch programs.

Empower the Community

Our commitment extends to empowering the community through vocational training, entrepreneurship programs, and community-led initiatives.

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